Lala Kent Leaves Little To The Imagination In Nude Instagram Photo

The heavily-edited, airbrushed pics were juxtaposed with a video of her working out.

Lala Kent poses as Stassi Schroeder presents: Outfit Of The Day Collection
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The heavily-edited, airbrushed pics were juxtaposed with a video of her working out.

Lala Kent posted a photo and video on Instagram Wednesday, with the photo that leaves little to the imagination juxtaposed with a video that shows the hard work that goes into being an Instagram-famous model and influencer.

The Vanderpump Rules star took to the social media platform to do two things: first, to share a photo of herself in the nude, with her arms and knees posed in such a way as to keep the post within Instagram’s community guidelines; and second, to demonstrate the difference between what viewers see on their magazine covers and TV screens vs. what actually happens in real life.

Lala’s Instagram story represents a stark reality that the celebrity-obsessed media would rather keep quiet. Magazines, TV shows, and other media have, for decades, been criticized for publicizing inaccurate depictions of women’s bodies (and men’s bodies, too, but the problem is overwhelmingly focused on women). Real women are flawed: they have scars or blemishes, they carry extra weight, their hair can be uncooperative, they aren’t professionally made up by stylists. Women as portrayed in the media, however, have their flaws airbrushed out, have their hair and makeup done by professionals, are photographed (or filmed) in just the right light in just the right angle, and so on.

Which is why Lala posted two, competing stories together. One showed the Instagram-ready image of her, while the other showed the reality behind what it takes to get there.

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Instagram vs. Real Life

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If click the arrow to the right of the image above, you leave the steamy photo of the nude Lala looking practically perfect in every way, and you see a much harsher reality: it’s a video of Lala, looking all but unrecognizable in her street clothes and no makeup, doing a workout with her personal trainer.

This is not the first time that Lala has ditched the trappings of presenting herself to the media in a way that’s typical of high-profile celebrity women. Her Instagram feed is, of course, filled with the more typical photos, shot professionally with the help of hair and makeup stylists, and likely edited afterwards. But she’s also posted a handful of photos of her real self.

For example, check out the photo below of Lala posing with her dad.

Of course, Lala is still dressed in designer clothes, and expertly styled and made-up. But we can be certain that, for a random snapshot with her dad, she didn’t go to all of the trouble that’s routine for an Instagram celebrity’s post.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, when Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules is set to air.