John Stamos Is 'Disappointed' That The Media Made His Art Show Interview About Lori Loughlin

Kim Smith

Actor John Stamos expressed disappointment with the media after an interview he gave — which was supposed to be about the Love and Art Show in Malibu — took a wrong turn and swerved into an interview about his former costar, Lori Loughlin.

On Sunday night, Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell interviewed Stamos, 55, about his involvement with the art show. She also asked him about Loughlin — a subject he clearly did not want to discuss.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Loughlin was not expected to appear in the final season of Fuller House. Stamos, who is producing the season, said he was still trying to figure out how she might be factored into the show.

"I haven't been on the show yet and it hasn't come up, so I'm going to talk to some people about it this week and see what's going on," he said.

"I'm just going to wait a little longer before I talk about it. It's a difficult situation for everyone involved. I don't mean just on our side."

On Tuesday, the Fuller House actor wanted to clear the air. On Twitter, he said that he was not "speaking out" about Loughlin's situation, and pointed to a tweet by NBC, which ran a story that claimed he was.

"No I'm actually not speaking out. What I said was I'm not ready to talk about it," Stamos tweeted.

In another tweet, Stamos explained how everything unfolded in the ET interview. He said that the conversation with O'Dell was specifically about the art show. However, after about an hour, she "snuck in" a question about Loughlin. He pointed out that ET, as well as other news outlets, ran with the Loughlin angle of the story instead of covering the art show.

"Guess I have to keep my guard up at all times," he said.

In another tweet, responding to a journalist who pondered the future of Fuller House, Stamos reiterated that he did not talk about it.

Loughlin and Giannulli have pleaded not guilty to charges brought against them.