Thomas Ravenel Insists Patricia Altschul Appear In Court About Sexual Assault Conspiracy

Brianna StelloNBC Universal

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is doubling down in court, suggesting that Patricia Altschul knows of or plays a role in a conspiracy to accuse the former politician of sexual assault. But Ravenel isn’t dragging Altschul, 78, into court in his criminal case. Instead, it’s part of the discovery in his ongoing custody case with the mother of his children, Bravo star Kathryn Dennis.

Altschul continues to push back, saying that she knows nothing of his domestic situation and has had minimal interaction with the Ravenel children. But the felon, who served 10 months in federal prison on cocaine use and distribution charges, insists that the mother of Southern Charm executive producer, Whitney Sudler-Smith, was part of the conspiracy with Dennis and their mutual friend, Luzanne Otte, to formulate the sexual assault charges he is now facing in court, says The Blast.

Documents and court records show that Ravenel and his legal team, consisting of Kelley Andrews and Cameron Blazer, are fighting criminal charges filed against him by the state of South Carolina. There are also civil charges against him brought by the former Ravenel family nanny. He’s also facing issues in family court, as Dennis seeks full custody of the two minor children.

According to The Blast, Ravenel has been fighting for months to have Altschul deposed, and a new ruling looks like he will get his wish, as a judge has written that the 78-year-old philanthropist can be deposed in a session which will “last no longer than six hours.”

The judge also instructed that Altschul must “turn over all text and email communications between herself and Kathryn Dennis and Luzanne Otte, Ravenel’s former girlfriend from April 1, 2018 until now.”

Otte is a canon lawyer for the Catholic church who previously dated Ravenel, and later became friendly with Dennis through Altschul.

Ravenel has insisted in court documents and in private conversations that “Altschul has information about Dennis colluding with another woman to accuse him of sexual assault.”

Ravenel is perhaps reacting to the sworn affidavit filed last week by Otte as a lawyer and a friend of the court to share her disturbing interactions with the recently dismissed Bravo reality star, says The Inquisitr. Otte attended Notre Dame University for law school and Harvard University for graduate school, achieving a masters of arts degree in bioethics and religious studies.

Otte, who only dated Ravenel for a week, described behavior which caused her to break things off dramatically with the former state treasurer after what she describes as “the twilight zone.”

Otte says that he spoke continuously about his former partner, Dennis, and verbalized that he hoped she might overdose. About her ill mother, he reportedly said, “hopefully she will die soon.”

She also stated that he had strong scheduled drugs in his bathroom, and at night he would drink heavily, “becoming impaired and unpredictable.”