Fox Host Says He Doubts Whether Robert Mueller Knows What’s In The Mueller Report

Alex WongGetty Images

On Tuesday it was announced that Robert Mueller would be appearing before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees to testify about the report that he and his team put together. But one Fox News host doesn’t think the former FBI director will have anything useful to say because, as he believes, Mueller doesn’t know what’s in the report.

The Hill reports that Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade called into doubt whether Mueller knew the specifics of the 448-page report that bears his name.

“I don’t think he knows the details of the report,” Kilmeade said.

Co-host Steve Doocy jumped in before Kilmeade could finish his statement.

“He better,” Doocy said. “His name is on it.”

“He is like the king of England on this; he assigns the people,” Kilmeade explained. “They’re gonna say ‘Why are most of them Democratically affiliated? Aren’t you concerned about the perception if you hire people like that to do this job? Do you understand why some feel there was an agenda in there?'”

Jedediah Bila joined in on the speculation, saying that Mueller is probably familiarizing himself well with the material if he didn’t already know it.

“If he doesn’t know it now, I’m pretty sure he’s sitting with a highlighter going over it because he’s going to want to make it his moment,” Bila said.

Donald Trump also weighed in on the news that Mueller would be testifying before Congress. While speaking with Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, the president complained that the Russia investigation never ended. He claimed, according to Fox News, that he was targeted by a biased Mueller and that the probe into his behavior came up with nothing.

Mueller’s report found that there wasn’t enough evidence to say that Trump had colluded with Russia. On the question of whether he obstructed justice, the report declined to reach a conclusion. Democrats asked Mueller to expand on the report, but the former FBI director said that the report would be his final word on the matter.

But on Tuesday, Democrats revealed that Mueller would appear before a committee on July 17 to testify about the report. Democrats hope that the hearing will bring more light to the specifics of the investigation and potentially inform a possible impeachment inquiry led by the Democrat-controlled House.

Republicans hope that the former special counsel’s testimony will exonerate the president and paint Democrats in a negative light.