Tom Cruise Fights To Save The Future In New ‘Oblivion’ Trailer [Video]

Tom Cruise is on a quest to save humanity’s future in the new Oblivion trailer.

The sci-fi thriller takes place on Earth years after a devastating alien attack left everything in shambles. Those who survived now live in floating civilization high above the surface. Tom Cruise plays a soldier who makes a shocking discovery that will change the course of the future.

The new trailer for director and co-writer Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion pretty much lays everything on the table. Although there are still a few secrets left to be unearthed, moviegoers should have a pretty good idea of what’s going on by the time the flick arrives in theaters.

During his interview with Collider, Kosinski discussed the problems associated with getting an original property off the ground. In order to get people to take a chance on Oblivion, the director managed to get some help from Tom Cruise and co-star Morgan Freeman.

He explained:

“I think they’re going to market [the movie] in a way that tries to make it feel familiar even though it is a new property. And I think we saw a little bit of that in the trailer. Try to lean in to those trailer tropes so it feels like something that we’ve seen before even if it isn’t.”

Cruise and Freeman will also be joined by Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Melissa Leo.

Tom Cruise

To help bring his original story to life, Kosinski enlisted the help of M83. The band will provide all new material for the Oblivion soundtrack. The director previously worked with Daft Punk on his 2010 effort TRON: Legacy.

The new trailer for the film has been embedded below.

Tom Cruise will attempt to save humanity once again when Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion arrives in theaters on April 12. Will you catch this one in theaters?