Jax Taylor Admits He’ll Be ‘That’ Kind Of Dad Ahead Of Kentucky Wedding To Brittany Cartwright


Jax Taylor hasn’t even married Brittany Cartwright yet, but he’s already jumping ahead to the couple’s next stage. The Vanderpump Rules star, who landed in Kentucky earlier this week to prepare for his wedding to his fellow SURver, posted to Instagram to reveal he hit up a local little league game to watch his nephew play, and it amplified his own yearning for fatherhood.

In the caption to a photo of him and his fiancée Brittany, Jax praised his nephew’s baseball skills and then admitted it got him thinking about his future as a father.

“I’ve never been more excited to be a dad,” the Vanderpump Rules star wrote. “I am just gonna say it now I am going to be ‘that’ father in the stands and I don’t care!”

Vanderpump Rules fans hit the comments section to welcome Jax Taylor to Kentucky and to give him advice about how to be a good baseball dad as he teased future cheering in the stands when his own kids are old enough to play.

“Be the father that screams in joy and not understand when the ump does what he does (but still respect the call – but moan). Be that kind of parent!” one commenter wrote.

Another fan told Jax that he can be “the best daddy and head coach,” and noted that it is “very rewarding.”

Jax Taylor has been talking about being a father for as long as he has been engaged to Brittany Cartwright. Last fall, Jax told Men’s Health that he is “so determined” to be the best father that he can possibly be when he and Brittany finally have kids.

“I really want to be at every PTA meeting, every soccer practice, every ballerina class. My dad was there.”

Taylor, who will wed Cartwright at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, Kentucky, on June 29, also revealed the couple plans to have at least two kids following their nuptials. Jax admitted that he has already sowed his wild oats after two decades of partying and traveling the world and is ready to start “the next stage” in his life.

As for when the first baby Taylor will arrive—or Cauchi, as the couple will use Jax’s real family name for their kids— let’s just say the next “party” on Vanderpump Rules could come in the form of a baby shower. Jax and Brittany have already revealed that they plan to start a family right away—maybe even while on their honeymoon.

“I’m definitely eager to have kids and Jax is eager to have kids,” Brittany Cartwright, who hopes to have three babies, previously told Us Weekly. “He’ll be 40 two weeks after [the wedding]. I’m 30, we’re ready.”

Jax Taylor went so far as to say he wants to start trying for a baby with Brittany on their wedding night, so his days as a little league dad may only be a few years away.

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