Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Chase Arrests Willow In Emotional Scene

It was a highly emotional day for Willow Tait on Tuesday.

General Hospital couples known as Chillow.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

It was a highly emotional day for Willow Tait on Tuesday.

Poor Chase was forced to arrest his girl, Willow Tait, on Tuesday’s General Hospital after she was found in contempt of court. She is not about to divulge any information about her son, despite the judge ruling in favor of Shiloh. Her repressed feelings came shining through as she venomously told Shiloh that he would never get his hands on her child. That landed her in hot water.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central had indicated that Chase would be making a surprise move, and he did just that. He arrested Willow in the courtroom. Willow has vowed to protect Wiley with all that she has in her from the man who drugged and manipulated her. Now her motherly instincts have kicked into high gear. The judge, who may just be a Dawn of Day member himself, wasn’t listening when Diane told him that Shiloh broke HIPAA laws getting the information about Wiley’s birth. He instead favored Shiloh and told Willow to divulge all information about her son.

That didn’t go over very well. Diane almost got arrested herself by refusing to answer any questions. That’s when Willow stepped up to admit that she did have a baby and then proceeded to let it all out to Shiloh, saying that he would never get her child.

“You are evil and vile. Sitting there with your disgusting, smug smile!” Willow shouted. “You even have the judge fooled. Pretending you care about a baby? The only thing you care about is yourself, and that is why you will never get near my child, no matter how many documents you steal, lies you tell, or people you drug.”

Shiloh seemed to be delighted watching her lose it in court. However, his smug smile may soon go away when he still doesn’t get what he seeks. Willow simply told the judge “no” when he told her to hand over the baby’s information. That led to him telling her that she was in contempt of court and ordered her arrest. Chase quickly jumped up and asked if he could be the one who takes her in. The judge let him as Chase gently put the handcuffs on Willow and proceeded to read her her rights.

It was an emotional scene as they stared in each other’s eyes. General Hospital fans certainly took note of this scene as well. Chase got a little choked up, but he knew she was making a sacrifice for her son. It almost looked like they may have had some sort of plan, but they definitely had an understanding between them.

The rest of the week will have Shiloh upset and lashing out as he still doesn’t know where his baby is. He was obviously not expecting his former favorite follower to stand up against him like that. However, his lawyer may have something else up her sleeve, as seen on Wednesday’s previews.

There is much more to come as this General Hospital storyline will be coming to a head soon. Stay tuned to see what happens next.