New Robert Mueller Documents: Facebook Warrant Issued 11 Days Before Probe Ended, ‘Case Closed’ A Week Later

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Earlier this year, CNN filed a request with the United States District Court in Washington D.C., asking for a trove of data and documents that had been filed with the court by Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller — documents that could reveal new details of the investigation. On Monday, after an order from the court’s Chief Judge Beryl Howell, the court released 233 pages of the documents from the Mueller probe — documents that raise new questions about why Mueller’s investigation ended when it did, in March of 2019.

Mueller submitted the final report of his findings on March 22, ending the special counsel investigation that began with Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017, just eight days after Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, according to The Washington Post. Up to that point, Comey had been the official in charge of the Russia probe.

But as revealed in the newly released documents — which may be read online via the document-storage site Scribd — just 11 days before ending his investigation, Mueller applied for a warrant to search through a specific Facebook account. The documents do not indicate to whom the Facebook account belonged.

However, as Forensic News founder Scott Stedman noted via Twitter, the Facebook case was closed on March 29, exactly one week after Mueller submitted his report and ended his investigation.

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Why Mueller requested a search warrant for a Facebook account less than two weeks before suddenly ending his investigation, what — if anything — he found in that account, and why the case continued after Mueller wrapped up, but was closed a week later, are all questions that remain unanswered by the newly-public documents. The question of whether Attorney General William Barr, whose confirmation occurred on February 14, ordered the Facebook account search ended is also unanswered by the documents.

“Obviously Barr ultimately oversees DOJ investigations but has he been personally involved?” Stedman asked on his Twitter account.

Stedman added that he is now “increasingly very worried” that Barr has taken control of the 14 separate investigations that, as The Inquisitr has reported, Mueller referred to other prosecutors after he closed his own investigation.

Those 14 investigations are listed in Mueller’s report, accessible online via The New York Times, though details and subjects of all but two of the investigations are redacted.

The Facebook search was not the only Mueller case that somehow came to an end less than two weeks after Mueller turned in his report. As Raw Story reported, seven other search warrant applications filed by Mueller were all marked as “closed” on April 1, 2019. While specific details of those closed cases are not revealed by the newly released documents, they do show that Mueller demanded records from Facebook, Twitter, and AT&T.