June 25, 2019
WWE News: Former WWE Champion Says He Is 'Gonna Finish Everything I Started So Long Ago'

On this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, there was no new episode of the "Firefly Funhouse" from Bray Wyatt. That doesn't mean there wasn't a presence, though, and The Inquisitr reported that his puppets and characters did make appearances. After the show was over, though, Wyatt had a message to deliver and he did it by posting a rather cryptic tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

This week's Raw was a rather big episode as it featured the return of The Undertaker and set up a big match for next month's Extreme Rules as reported by The Inquisitr. Along with that unexpected result, there was a great match between AJ Styles and Ricochet, two matches by WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, and the start of the build for the next pay-per-view.

While it was an action-packed Raw, there was no new "Firefly Funhouse" segment which was rather disappointing. Eagle-eyed fans did end up seeing Abby the Witch lurking in the background behind The Miz, though, and it was a creepy set-up.

Later on in the episode, Mercy the Buzzard was quickly seen in a backstage segment with Kofi Kingston. As there was no new message from Wyatt on Raw, he had something very interesting to say on Twitter the next day and it needs to be deciphered.

While the phrase "Yowie Wowie" goes along with his new gimmick which debuted months ago, the rest is rather old-school Bray Wyatt. He is being completely cryptic and almost begging the fans to try and figure out what he's talking about.

No one really knows when Bray Wyatt is going to be back in the ring or when he's going to make his official return. He's been doing this new gimmick and all of these segments which were shunned at first, but since brought about a lot of positive attention.

Fans have been speculating as to what this latest tweet could mean as he has a deep history with a lot of different WWE superstars. It was interesting, though, that he tweeted this message out right after The Undertaker made his return to Raw for a possible regular in-ring comeback.

The two superstars have a rather tumultuous past together which culminated with a match at WrestleMania 31 in which Wyatt lost to The Undertaker. Since that time, a lot has happened and so much has changed that it could be an entirely new feud and storyline.

Of course, that's all speculation as it isn't even known if The Undertaker is coming back for a full-time gig.

Right now, the status of Bray Wyatt is up in the air, but fans know that WWE is bringing him back sooner rather than later. The "Firefly Funhouse" has been quite enjoyable, but he's putting together even bigger plans for when he finally makes his long-awaited comeback.