June 25, 2019
Julianne Hough Appears In A Tantalizing Pose, Teaches Husband Brooks Laich About Sex And Intimacy

Julianne Hough is known for her dance ability as well as her amazing physique. Today on Instagram, the blonde beauty showed off an intriguing pose while wearing some dancing gear that proved the previous statement.

The 30-year-old had on an abbreviated top that showcased her toned midriff. She also had on bikini-style bottoms, doing the same for her lower body as did the other half of the ensemble. Her legs were on show, making anyone who ever tried to attain perfect thighs get jealous. Hers are perfect.

As her Instagram caption indicated, Hough is all about dance. She insisted that anyone can know the joy of the endeavor -- one that she would not be happy without pursuing.

Meanwhile, Julianne Hough has been busy. Among other aspects of her life, the star is set to appear on an episode of her spouse's new podcast, How Men Think, which debuted earlier this month on Apple.

The subject matter? Sex and intimacy.

The episode is already in the can and has been slated for a future podcast driven by Brooks Laich, Hough's husband, and Gavin DeGraw.

During the courses of their online offerings, the NFL great and the great singer aim to answer the hard questions. Examples include have you ever wondered what your husband is really thinking and why does your boyfriend do certain things that may bug his partner?

Promotion for the podcast states, "It's no secret that men don't often share their inner thoughts, even with each other."

This is apparently not true for Laich. He has been able to broach what seems like any subject with just about anyone and certainly with his wife, Julianne. The athlete talked to People about Hough's upcoming participation on How Men Think.

"[Julianne] comes on for the episode, and we open up about intimacy in our lives, and sex, and it's absolutely incredible. It's the most open and raw we've ever been, and I just hope people take stuff from that interview and apply it to their relationship."
Laich and Hough have been married for two years. As The Inquisitr reported, the AGT judge and former Dancing with the Stars legend's spouse stated, "She never keeps how she feels about him a secret."

Meanwhile, this huge talent is also not afraid to give her thoughts on just about anything, as People pointed out through some words from her husband.

"We have never been so specific, detailed and open about exactly what goes on in our relationship and our respective thoughts and approaches to intimacy and sex. We give people our exact specifics, how we create intimacy, why it's important to us and open up about our sex life."
And so, as Julianne Hough keeps dancing and keeps giving off sexy vibes while offering sex advice, she and her hunky husband, Brooks Laich, couldn't be happier.