June 25, 2019
Puffy-Faced Kylie Jenner Looks Unrecognizable On Makeup-Free Dentist Outing

Kylie Jenner has been photographed looking unrecognizable. The makeup mogul's impeccable makeup is her trademark, but photos obtained by the Daily Mail on June 25 showed a different side to the 21-year-old billionaire.

Earlier today, Kylie was photographed on her way to the dentist in Calabasas, California. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was channeling her much-loved athleisurewear look, but something was different. Kylie had gone completely make-up free. She was also wearing glasses. Close-up snaps further showed the mother of one to be looking a little puffy-faced. Kylie's usually-slender features appeared markedly fuller without her warpaint. Likewise photographed was a bit of a double chin.

Despite looking caught-off-guard amid the paparazzi, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO didn't falter. Fans will likely consider this outing a display of Kylie's natural beauty – while Kylie generally opts for heavy makeup, Instagram snaps without a scrap of it have shown Kylie to be an absolute stunner.

The Daily Mail's comments section saw some individuals leave their thoughts.

"Looks like the before pics from when she was younger," one Brit wrote.

Kylie's lips, did, indeed seem less full. The billion-dollar pout was nowhere to be seen. Another user appearing to be in the U.S. left their thoughts.

"Proof of the wonders of a glam squad, and photoshop"
Fortunately for Kylie, the Daily Mail's take seemed a touch less harsh. The newspaper noted Kylie's stylish black hoodie, leggings, and Yeezy sneakers. Kylie's evening looks may come dripping in diamonds, but this entrepreneur knows the value of comfortable clothing. Kylie did, however, appear to have upped the glam ante with her crocodile-skin handbag and long nails.Fans would likely argue that comparing photos of a makeup-free Kylie to her Instagram snaps offers the biggest shock. While Kylie's social media photos mostly come with contoured or heavily-defined features, barefaced outings show the mother for how she is. Kylie seems blessed with naturally clear skin. There's no denying that the makeup-free finish looks a little different, though.Kylie seemed confident as she made her way to the dentist today. Her dark locks were cleared from her face in a fuss-free way – clearly, today came with bigger priorities.

Despite a makeup-free look that showed a little puffiness, Kylie's photographs today may well be to her advantage. Kylie Skin has recently launched. The beauty line comes with a heavy focus on skincare. Kylie's clear face proved her to be the perfect brand ambassador today. That said, the star did look somewhat unrecognizable.