June 25, 2019
It's A Girl For Josiah & Lauren Duggar, Third 'Counting On' Couple Having Daughters At The Same Time

Josiah and Lauren Duggar have just revealed the gender of their unborn baby. They are expecting a little girl this fall. The news comes just a month after the announcement was made that they were expecting a rainbow baby. Fans have been anxious to find out what they are having and they are thrilled to learn that another girl will be joining the Duggar clan.

The Counting On couple took to their joint Instagram account on Tuesday to share their exciting news. It was a series of two photos with the first one in black and white. They are holding a chalkboard with "it's a..." written on it. The second colored snapshot revealed pink balloons behind them and they added pink lettering to spell "Girl" on the chalkboard. The expectant mom is also wearing a pale pink dress for the special occasion.

Josiah and Lauren expressed their thankfulness for the blessing of another child. They wrote a little bit of a love note for their daughter in the caption.

"Your fingers are small but you already have your daddy's wrapped around them and you will forever have mommy's heart! God is so kind to give us you."
The expectant parents lost their first child last October in a heartbreaking miscarriage. They were expecting a little boy that they named Asa. Just months later on May 20, the reality stars shared the good news that they were expecting another little one in an exciting Instagram post.
"We are so excited to announce that baby #2 is on the the way!!!! It's hard to fully express just how grateful we are for God blessing us again with another precious gift!"
The gender reveal was a surprise to everyone, except for Lauren's sister, Lily. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared on the family's website that a small party was held to find out if they were expecting a boy or a girl. Lily had filled balloons with white, pink, and blue confetti. Each family member was given one of them, but she had a bit of a surprise in store. None of those balloons had the pink or blue in them. She apparently hid the last one that had the pink confetti in it. That one determined that Josiah and Lauren were expecting a girl.

That makes three daughters for three of the remaining four couples who are expecting babies. Just a few days ago, Anna Duggar had revealed that she and husband Josh were expecting another girl, which will be their sixth child together. The Inquisitr had reported that Joe and Kendra Duggar found out that they were also having a daughter and it was announced on the same day as Josiah and Lauren. Now if Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth reveal that they are having a girl, then there must be something in the water in Arkansas.

Congratulations to Josiah and Lauren Duggar on the upcoming arrival of their little girl this fall.