June 25, 2019
Kelly Gale Rocks Itty-Bitty Gold Bikini In Sizzling New Instagram Snap

Kelly Gale's widely followed Instagram feed is full of eye-popping bikini snaps, and the newest addition to the collection is driving her fans wild.

On Tuesday, June 25, the Victoria's Secret model shared yet another sizzling snap from a trip home to Sweden that sent temperatures soaring on the social media platform. The camera captured Kelly showing off her "current morning routine," which for the past week now has been enjoying a dip in the lake. For today's swim, the 24-year-old opted to wear a seriously skimpy golden-yellow bikini that left very little to the imagination and did nothing but favors for her famous physique.

The Swedish bombshell stood tall on the dock to show off every inch of her impressive bikini body, while the golden sun hit her perfectly tanned skin. Her barely-there two-piece brought some serious heat to her Instagram feed, and did way more showing than covering up. Kelly sizzled in a sexy, skimpy triangle-style top, which she added her own flair to by crisscrossing the shoulder straps of the piece in front of her neck to give it a unique look. The upgrade created a wide cutout right in the middle of her voluptuous chest to expose an insane amount of cleavage, which also spilled out of the sides and the bottom of the number.

As for her lower half, Kelly wore a matching yellow set of bikini bottoms that were equally as skimpy as her top. The piece covered up only what was necessary, flaunting her famous curves and long, toned legs. Meanwhile, the thin strings of its waistband tied together high on her hips to accentuate her trim waist and draw eyes to her rock-hard abs. The babe wore a black hair-tie around her wrist in case she wanted to put up her dark tresses, which were worn down and were damp from her early-morning swim. She also opted for a fresh face with no makeup, allowing her striking features to shine.

Fans of the brown-eyed beauty were quick to show some love for the NSFW addition to her Instagram page. At the time of this writing, Kelly's latest upload has already racked up more than 10,000 likes after just 25 minutes of going live. Dozens took to the comments section as well to shower the babe with compliments on her jaw-dropping display.

"Stunning," one fan wrote, while another called her a "hottie."

"You are more captivating than the scenery," commented a third.

This is not the only skimpy swimwear that Kelly has worn during her vacation. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kelly rocked a minuscule white bikini last week while she enjoyed the heat of a large, luxurious sauna. The barely-there two-piece showed off nearly every inch of her dangerous curves, and sent her fans into an absolute frenzy.