Oiled ‘Playboy’ Babe Sara Underwood Wears Outrageous Thong Bikini, Calls It ‘Cute’

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood’s latest Instagram update is particularly daring – the Playboy model’s June 25 picture isn’t for the fainthearted.

Earlier today, the blonde bombshell updated her account. A jungle-set snap showed the model in her element. Sara had been photographed from behind amid a clearing in the greenery. Barefoot and appearing to ascend some steps, Sara was showcasing her world-famous curves in a bikini that came very minimal and slightly outrageous. The American’s super-pert rear was on full show via a thong – likewise risqué was a serious amount of side boob.

Sara’s bikini matched her setting. The tan two-piece fitted in nicely with surrounding earth tones. The camera had taken in this sensation’s curves from head to toe. Sunlight bouncing off Sara’s frame also accentuated what appeared to be oiled skin. Standing on tiptoe and looking behind her for some direct eye contact, Sara gave the platform her impeccable body and signature outdoorsy vibes.

The 35-year-old also included a brief caption. It mentioned her Fashion Nova bikini – given Sara’s description of it, though, she didn’t seem to find it at all outrageous. The model also mentioned gearing up for a “calendar” set of photos for next year.

The picture is causing a stir among Sara’s dedicated Instagram followers.

“That booty though…,” one fan wrote.

Amusingly, Sara replied.

“I’ve been squatting,” the model wrote.

With 9.2 million Instagram followers, Sara comes as a heavyweight. This blonde is, however, loved for her unique edge. Mostly opting out of suggestive or overly raunchy snaps, Sara sends out her killer body in her much-adored nature settings. Photos of Sara in earthy cabins are frequent. Likewise showcased on the feed are outdoor shots amid stunning forests or natural rocks.

Sara does, however, follow a pattern seen with her peers. Her Fashion Nova mention today pegs her as a social media influencer. The model abided with Instagram’s required “sponsored” hashtag. Other models acting as influencers for affordable clothing brands include fitness model Ana Cheri and bikini queen Abby Dowse. Fashion Nova joins other clothing labels whose names are dispersed across Instagram by collaborating models. Boohoo has a full-blown collaboration with model Jordyn Woods. Pretty Little Thing and Catwalk Collection likewise partner up with high- and low-profile faces.

Today’s snap might have been risqué, but it retained Sara’s class. With her leafy setting, barefoot look, and low-key hair, Sara wasn’t out for a glam snap. Fans seem to be loving it – perhaps precisely for this reason. The update had racked up over 29,000 likes within 30 minutes of going live.