A Hollywood Star Wonders If President Obama Is ‘Just Another Ivy League A**h**e’

John Cusack is wondering if President Barack Obama is “just another Ivy League a**h**e.” An article published by the movie star takes the Democratic leader to task on a series of issues. The continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the drone program are near the top of his list, but are not the only issues which drove Cusack to cursing.

In John Cusak’s TruthOut article, he also expressed angst that the Constitution has been “gutted” and noted a firm belief that America is on the decline. Although the actor does not think the end is here, he does think the “foundation” has been set for hefty consequences to emerge, The Blaze notes.

Cusack’s article about President Obama and the state of America reads:

“An excerpt from One is forced to asked the question: Is the President just another Ivy League a**hole shredding civil liberties and due process and sending people to die in some sh*thole for purely political reasons.”

The Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil star also took issue with a speech President Obama gave at West Point in 2010. The speech centered about a promise from the president to “get the job done” in Afghanistan. The Hollywood star also sounded more than a bit incredulous that the president was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize when the war in Afghanistan raged on, the Washington Examiner notes.

John Cusack had this to say about what he considers a lofty and broken promise:

“The Christian president with the Muslim sounding name would heed the admonitions of neither religions prophets about making war and do what no empire or leader, including Alexander the Great, could do. Change that we can believe in is not using the other guys’ mob to clean up your own tracks while continuing to feed at the trough.”

Perhaps Cusack’s most poignant question came near the end of the article. He asked how a person could believe in the Constitution, yet violate it so much. John Cusack is on the Freedom of the Press Foundation Board of Directors.

Do you agree with John Cusack’s assessment of President Obama?

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