Matthew Koma Apologizes By Presenting Hilary Duff With Sex Toy On Instagram

Things got a little weird between Hilary Duff and her fiance Matthew Koma on Instagram recently.

In fact, Koma sent his 223,000 followers into a bit of a frenzy yesterday when he shared a confusing NSFW photo of an empty, dirty pizza box containing an apology written in black marker with an adult toy resting on top.

According to the caption of the photo, Matthew got into an "unnecessary argument" with Hilary during pizza night and owed her an apology for being a jerk.

Roughly an hour after Matthew shared the photo with his followers, none other than Hilary herself commented on the snapshot.

"I can't believe you shared this sweet moment honey."
In just shy of 24 hours, the photo has been liked over 16,000 times with 419 of his followers flooding the bizarre apology with comments.

"I have numerous questions," photographer Ashley Osborn jested in the comments.

Singer Rob Thomas chimed in as well.

"Sooo now we know you have one of those just laying around."
Koma's followers had pretty mixed – and hilarious – opinions on whether the apology was sufficient enough for arguing with Duff.

Some claimed it was one of the best apologies they had ever seen. Others joked that they weren't sure if the "apology" was big enough.

There were also several individuals who admitted to being interested in learning why Koma had an adult toy available to present during the apology. Questions regarding whether the adult toy was his or if it was Hilary's quickly surfaced.

Some of his followers tagged their own significant others as they penned this was the type of apology they expected to receive in the future.

As those who follow the couple know, Duff and Koma have been an item for nearly two years now. It was in October of 2018 that the lovebirds welcomed their daughter Banks Violet into the world.

As her 12.4 million Instagram followers know, Hilary frequently shares photos of both her daughter and Koma on social media. Just a week ago, Duff shared a shirtless photo of Matthew holding their daughter as she praised him for being a wonderful father in honor of Father's Day.

"This is my favorite picture of you and Banksy on her arrival day," Duff said as she explained her reasoning for choosing the photo.Just three days ago Hilary sent her own Instagram followers into a bit of a frenzy by sharing two adorable photos of their daughter.

The most recent featured baby Banks rocking a speckled pink bow while sitting in her car seat. The second photo featured the infant with a huge smile on her face as she appeared to have lost one of her booties.