June 25, 2019
Ariel Winter Shares First Social Media Post In Almost A Month

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has been taking a major break from social media lately. The 21-year-old had no clear reason for taking an extended break from her feeds, but the actress did keep her accounts active. Ariel had deleted her social media pages in the past, but that wasn't the case this time around.

Fans are thrilled now that their favorite Modern Family member is back online. At this time, Ariel has still gone silent on Instagram, and her newest post came in the form of a tweet. The new tweet was just an everyday sentiment, and there was nothing shocking about the post. The actress simply commented about wanting a Marble Slab Creamery in Los Angeles since there isn't one.

Ariel tagged the company, which hails from Canada, in her new tweet while adding two crying-face emojis at the end of it to emphasize her desires. In the comments below the new post, fans of the actress starting letting her know where she could find some sort of creamery nearby that featured a marble slab. Some followers even started Googling locations near Los Angeles and told her where she could travel to satisfy her craving.

Prior to her new post, the last tweet from the actress came on May 30, where she promoted Big Slick Ten in Kansas City. The event raised money for Children's Mercy, and Ariel's post was to let her followers know her co-star, Eric Stonestreet, would be attending.

Over on Instagram, Ariel's last post was also promoting the event on May 30. She also shared several photos on the same day featuring her new signature red hair. Ariel debuted the new locks on Instagram on May 4, as she posed in a black top with her new strands hanging loose and wavy.

Ariel's 3.9 million followers are definitely missing her on Instagram, as they've been commenting on some of her older posts to return to the platform.

Almost one year ago to the date, Ariel famously deleted her social media accounts after going on a lengthy rant about the paparazzi. The actress was furious that photographers were hanging out by her house ready to snap photos of her at any moment. This prompted Ariel to remove herself from Twitter and Instagram.

"Sad when you literally enjoy your job but hate every part of the fame aspect," she tweeted. "Also sad when you desperately want to move somewhere remote so you can just live a normal life in peace."

Thankfully the new ice cream craving tweet can ease fans who might have worried she disappeared for good.