June 25, 2019
Willow Smith Drops Relationship Bombshell On Facebook's 'Red Table Talk'

On the latest edition of Facebook's Red Table Talk, Willow Smith, her mother Jada Pinkett Smith, and Pinkett Smith's mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones gathered together to talk about sexuality and different types of romantic relationships. It was then that Willow dropped a bombshell admission that she would explore a polyamorous relationship or the practice of having multiple partners for the purpose of love.

Good Morning America reported on the latest edition of the hit Facebook web series, where the three generations of women regularly get together to discuss topics they feel are important to one another and their audience.

They attempted to clarify the practice as a way for a person to try and find love in a way that fulfills them.

During their discussion, Willow explained what she felt the difference was between polyamory and a throuple.

"The difference in polyamory is an honest, romantic relationship with multiple people at the same time, no secrets or lies," she said. "A throuple is a type of polyamorous relationship—three people having a consensual romance. Polyamory is not polygamy. That's when a man has multiple wives. And it's not swinging, when couples have casual sex."

Willow defended her beliefs because she feels that if people are more open about their wants and needs in relationships, including having multiple partners in an open and honest way, the high rate of divorce would decrease.

"Will and I are constantly in conversations about alternatives," Pinkett Smith said during the discussion, claiming she was faithful to her husband of more than 21 years.

Pinkett Smith also called her relationship with Smith's ex-wife Sheree Zampino a "non-sexual throuple."

Adrienne Banfield-Jones admitted while this type of relationship was not an option she would explore, she was open to learning more about it.

Willow explained that she believes that being in a monogamous relationship inhibits a person from evolving past feelings of insecurity and jealousy in a relationship, stating that there are so many people to learn from in this world. She does not want to limit herself to just depending on one person to grow with.

Oprah Magazine reported that the 18-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith then revealed that she loves men and women equally and would "definitely" want one man, one woman in a relationship, clarifying that it would be more for the emotional connection rather than for new sexual experiences.

Red Table Talk streams on Facebook Watch.