June 25, 2019
Hannah Explodes At Luke P. After Naked Bungee Jump On 'The Bachelorette'

Bachelorette contestant Luke Parker was sent over the edge when he learned of a sexy bungee jump that Hannah Brown took with a front-runner contestant on the June 24 episode of the ABC reality dating series.

The sexy activity paired Hannah with Garrett during a trip to Latvia, where she explored a true test of trust in their relationship - naked bungee jumping. The two had a blast with one another, showing their deepening connection. Later, they enjoyed dinner and a nice conversation.

Neither Hannah nor Garrett were shy about telling the remaining male contestants about their experience, and in a show of either complete ignorance or utter passion, contestant Luke P. let it be known that he did not approve of Hannah baring her body to another man.

This led the beauty queen to explode at Luke P. hours after a pleasant group date where he, Connor, Dustin, Dylan, Jed, Mike, and Tyler C. ate cheese and drank moonshine. Hannah never lied about her experience, but her admission did nothing to change Luke's mind, and he let her know how disappointed he was in her.

E! Entertainment News reported that the conversation turned heated between Luke P. and Hannah later in the evening when he confronted The Bachelorette star about her behavior.

"It's just because I know that your body is a temple and honestly, like, I'm just thinking of you holding him bare-skinned and I'm just thinking in my mind like...it really pissed me off. I mean, it really frustrated me," said Luke P. to Hannah.

"I had a choice, what I wanted to do. And I know where my heart was in it, and it wasn't in a sexual way. It was in an experience that I wanted to have for myself," she responded.

Hannah tried to keep her cool throughout the conversation, where it felt like she was defending an adult choice until Luke P. called her experience "a bonehead decision." Prior to the rose ceremony, Hannah told Luke privately that she took issue with the language he used in expressing his beliefs and how they appeared to be in conflict with the process contestants have to go through on the show. She then cited his displeasure at her experience with Garrett and had to tell the overbearing Bachelorette contestant that she did not have to explain her actions.
She finally explained to Luke, who appeared clueless that Hannah is an adult woman in charge of her own body, "at this point, it doesn't matter because you're not my husband. You don't own my body, you don't own me. It's my body."
Hannah then asked the man who has been coined this season's villain why their relationship had to be so hard.Despite their ups and downs again this week, Luke P. managed to eke out another rose during the show's official ceremony alongside Jed, Mike, Connor, Peter, Garrett, and Tyler C. Both Dylan and Dustin were sent home.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.