June 25, 2019
WWE News: Bray Wyatt's 'Firefly Fun House' Characters Appear On 'Raw' Despite Lack Of New Segment

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw marked the first time in two months that the show did not air a pre-taped "Firefly Fun House" segment featuring Bray Wyatt in his new role as a creepy children's television host. However, a couple of characters from the popular segments were sighted last night on Raw, which could possibly hint at Wyatt's imminent return to live television after several months away.

As documented in a new report from Wrestling Inc., WWE appeared to make up for the lack of new "Firefly Fun House" clips by sneaking in two of the series' puppets in a pair of separate backstage segments. The first segment showed Abby the Witch in the background as The Miz made his way to the ring for the latest installment of his in-ring talk show "MizTV," while the second featured Mercy the Buzzard making a brief background appearance as reigning WWE Champion Kofi Kingston stuffed pancakes into his pants.

Per Wrestling Inc., the stealthy appearances of Abby the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard — as well as the lack of a new "Firefly Fun House" on Monday Night Raw — came at an interesting time, given the widespread speculation regarding Bray Wyatt's live TV return. While he did not appear on camera, Wyatt was reportedly present for last week's episode of Raw in Los Angeles. On Sunday, he also showed up backstage for WWE's Stomping Grounds pay-per-view in Tacoma, Washington, though once again, he did not take part in any televised matches or segments.

Even with two months' worth of new "Firefly Fun House" clips getting played on Raw and replayed on the following day's episode of SmackDown Live, WWE's broader creative plans for Wyatt under his new gimmick remain unclear. However, WhatCulture opined that this week's puppet sightings represented a rare case of WWE being subtle in its foreshadowing of wrestler returns, as well as an "almost [certain]" sign that Wyatt will soon be back on live TV.

Prior to his repackaging, which saw him get a new haircut, a shorter beard, and outfits inspired by legendary children's TV host Fred Rogers, Wyatt was a staple of WWE's mid-card scene and had most recently teamed up with "Woken" Matt Hardy as one-half of The Deleters of Worlds. Per Bleacher Report, the 32-year-old former WWE Champion had last wrestled a televised match in August 2018, when he and Hardy lost a Raw Tag Team Championship match against Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, aka The B-Team.