June 25, 2019
Model Robyn-Lee Jansen Burned In Horrific 'Fire Queen' Photo Shoot

A photo shoot has turned into a disaster for a 22-year-old Canadian model. Robyn-Lee Jansen was set on fire and received burns across approximately 25 percent of her body after a photographer tried to create "fire-queen" images.

The photo shoot took place on June 13 after the model and photographer connected via an online advertisement on a modeling website. According to CNN, the photo shoot took place in an abandoned warehouse. Jansen states that the photographer was believed to be reputable according to reviews of their services by 18 other models who had been involved with them.

In the advert via the Model Mayhem website, the photographer claimed to be wanting to create the fire queen shoot. However, none of the models who verified the photographer had been involved in any similar stunts involving fire. Although, the photographer did assure Jansen that it was a safe procedure.

"I was like, that's cool, like that's a cool concept," she told CTV Vancouver. "It doesn't look dangerous."

The photo shoot involved background fire art that was set a distance away from Jansen. However, as clarified by Jansen to The Inquisitr, the extra addition of real fire directly behind her was not a part of the agreement.

Jansen also revealed that she was not given a waiver or liability to sign regarding the stunt as the photographer had run out of forms prior to the photo shoot. They also clarified to Jansen that the waiver covered the fact that they were entering an abandoned factory and elements such as glass on the ground could cause injury. It is also believed that at no point did the photographer mention the fire element in conjunction with the waiver form.

According to Robyn-Lee's GoFundMe page, which contains graphic images of Jansen's burns, the photographer appeared to be rushed during the two-hour photo shoot and this may have contributed to the accident.

"The shoot went fine until we got to the fire bit. The photographer seemed rushed and his family had called multiple times as we were running a little late."
The photographer told her that the part of the photo shoot that used real fire was "tricky" and insisted that Jansen stay completely still while the fire was lit. Although, at the time, Jansen was unaware that actual fire was going to be used in the photo shoot.

Instead, what happened was that Jansen caught on fire.

The flames licked up her legs and she sustained second-degree burns along the backs of her legs as well as first-degree burns on her back, hip, and right arm. As soon as she realized she was on fire, Robyn-Lee dropped and rolled to put out the flames.

The photographer insisted on driving her to the hospital after packing up his equipment rather than calling for an ambulance, Jansen alleges. Jansen also said that the photographer suggested she tell emergency services that she sustained the burns in a barbeque accident but, ultimately, left it up to her as to what she would say when questioned at the hospital.

Robyn-Lee Jansen did not reveal the name of the photographer as she "plans to take legal action," according to CNN.

Currently, as a result of the accident, Jansen is unable to work and may need skin grafts in the future. She offers the following advice to other models who might be faced with potentially dangerous photo shoots in the future.

"Don't trust other people's words when going into a risky shoot. Demand that there be safety procedures in place. And if the photographer can't guarantee or provide them. Then just don't do it. It's not worth your time and safety."