Chloe Moretz Parties In Paris

Chloe Moretz has currently been in the French capital celebrating the Paris Fashion Week, so she clearly needed to unwind after a busy seven days.

This saw her end up at the H&M after-party, where she danced with various celebrities including Emma Roberts, Melissa George, and Pixie Geldof.

During the event she dropped some unconventional dance moves including the robot as the group stood in a circle.

Emma, Melissa and Emma were caught having a talk backstage, whilst the Kick-Ass star was constantly updating her adventures in Paris via various social network sites.

Chloe is in France with her mother, Teri, and she tweeted, “Mommy and I at the top of the #EiffelTower #TourDeEiffel.”

Moretz also showed off an image from the set of her new film, a reboot of 1970’s horror classic, Carrie. She showed off a pink prom dress that she wears in the film, stating, “You know what’s TRULY terrifying?! That kids nowadays would ruin a perfectly pretty prom dress with pig’s blood! UGH!! Who does that?! LOLz!!”

Moretz confirmed that she is currently hard at work learning to drive, telling Yahoo News, “I’ve literally just applied for my permit so I’m a little behind. But probably by September, I’ll have my license.”

She added, “I’m a terrified driver, especially going through the driver’s ed stuff because they give you all these things on fatalities and all this scary stuff and I’m like, ‘Mom, I really don’t know if I want to drive. Maybe I’ll just walk.”

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