YouTube Stars Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Are Engaged

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When it comes to relationships, many YouTube stars are more open with their fans than regular celebrities. Stars who share their day-to-day life through vlogs are particularly accustomed to sharing sweet moments with their partners. However, fans were still taken by surprise when YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau announced their engagement, as Cosmopolitan reports. The duo had only been dating for two months when Paul decided to pop the question.

Paul proposed while the two were in Las Vegas celebrating Mongeau’s 21st birthday in style. While she’ll very likely post all about her engagement in a longer YouTube video at some point, right after it happened, she simply took to Instagram stories to share the news and a picture of the huge diamond Paul got her.

Though Paul decided to propose at a club in Vegas, it wasn’t a spontaneous decision brought about by too much alcohol. He seemed to have his whole proposal all planned out in advance. He did it when Mongeau was surrounded by her friends, having a blast, and even commissioned a multi-tiered cake that had “Will you marry me, Tana?” written on the top tier with a large faux engagement ring topper.

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While Paul got his wife-to-be a pretty impressive ring, that wasn’t where the gifts ended. In honor of Mongeau turning 21, he also decided to treat her to a brand new Mercedez-Benz. Mongeau shared a photo of the two of them at the dealership, thanking her husband-to-be in the caption for the luxe vehicle.

Mongeau took to social media to share all about her engagement, tweeting about it and sharing on her Instagram stories. She even had to tell some of her fans that she wasn’t, in fact, joking — which would be a fair assumption given Paul’s propensity for over-the-top pranks.

Despite Mongeau’s confirmation that it’s not a hoax, many fans remain skeptical. As People reported, Paul had some strange things to say about their relationship back in a video he uploaded on May 9.

“This whole thing with Tana is like escalating. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s real, but it’s also not. But it also is, so it’s weird, man. I don’t know what it’s going to turn into. Stay tuned.”

Paul himself hasn’t shared anything about the engagement on social media, but he did share a photo of the two of them at the dealership on June 23 that simply said, “@tanamongeau video tomorrow.” Fans will have to see what the two reveal over the next few days.