‘RHOBH’ Star Brandi Glanville Explains Why She Offered Public Condolences To Lisa Vanderpump On Twitter

Andrew H. WalkerGetty Images

Brandi Glanville shared a special message to Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter after learning about the tragic death of her mother, Jean Vanderpump. Now, days later, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is explaining why she chose to do so.

In a June 23 tweet, Glanville said that while she wouldn’t typically reach out to someone publicly in regard to such a matter, Vanderpump left her with no choice.

“Let’s be VERY clear the ONLY reason I put certain things (like condolences) on social media for certain people is because I know I’m blocked in there [SIC] phones & I want them to get the message,” Glanville tweeted.

“Ultimately I think it should be done privately,” she added.

Glanville and Vanderpump became friends after Glanville joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast for Season 2, but had a falling out with one another after Season 4. As fans may recall, Glanville suggested Vanderpump had been manipulating the cast and because of that, the women became estranged. Then, during the show’s fifth season, they came to blows during a cast trip to Amsterdam, where Glanville attempted to make nice with Vanderpump by reenacting a scene from The Love Boat.

Unfortunately, while Glanville attempted to playfully make amends with a “love tap,” Vanderpump took said tap as a major act of disrespect and their friendship came to a quick and final end.

After The Daily Mail confirmed the death of Vanderpump’s mom last week, Glanville sent her well wishes to Vanderpump on Twitter and said that despite their past issues, she wouldn’t wish what Vanderpump is going through on anyone.

According to the report, the death of Vanderpump’s mother hit the Los Angeles-based restaurant owner understandably hard, especially due to the sudden nature of her passing and the fact that Vanderpump lost her only sibling, Mark Vanderpump, just one year ago to suicide.

After noting that the two losses have rocked Vanderpump to her core, the outlet said that she is doing her best to remain strong and will hopefully be back to business as usual with her restaurants and TV show, Vanderpump Rules, in the coming weeks after she flies home to England to make the necessary arrangements for her mom’s funeral.

“She’s as strong as they come and once she has worked through her grief she will be back running her restaurant empire, focusing on her philanthropic endeavors and filming Vanderpump Rules,” an insider told The Daily Mail.

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