‘Bachelorette’ Contestant’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals More, Haley Stevens Shares Messages From Jed Wyatt

John FleenorABC

Contestant Jed Wyatt is currently looking like a solid frontrunner to win Hannah Brown’s final rose this summer on The Bachelorette. Spoilers have teased that he’s definitely one to watch, but now a former girlfriend of his has revealed that there is allegedly more to Jed’s background than what he’s shared up to this point of filming.

Haley Stevens, a country singer from Nashville, has gone public with allegations that she was still in a relationship with Jed as he left to film The Bachelorette. Spoilers about this first started dropping last week, and now she has shared more about why she’s speaking out now.

Stevens alleges that she was in a four-month relationship with Wyatt right up until he started filming The Bachelorette. As E! News has shared, Haley says she received a handwritten note from Jed the night before he left for Los Angeles and was sequestered for filming.

“Haley, you’re truly an amazing person. Someday we will be thankful for all of this. You know where my heart will be. See you at the dock, J.”

Haley maintains that Jed had told her he was interested in doing The Bachelorette to further his music career, something he did tell Hannah during a date early this season. However, Stevens also says that she and Wyatt never split and she never got any kind of explanation from him once he returned to Nashville.

ET Online has shared the text that Haley says she got from Jed as he was boarding the plane to fly to Los Angeles.

“I love you! Don’t forget that. Everything is always working out. It all adds up.”

Stevens replied that she loved him, too, and that she would miss him like crazy. The Bachelorette contestant seemingly reached out to her via phone after that text and then was radio silent before and after filming.

The Nashville singer says that she came forward because outlets had caught wind of all of this and were ready to report it without her input. Haley says she trusted what Jed told her and that she’s quite embarrassed by ending up in this situation.

Jed reportedly had told Haley early on in their relationship he’d applied to go on The Bachelorette. However, Stevens said Wyatt had insisted it would all be acting and for the sake of his music.

So far, nobody involved on The Bachelorette side of this has directly addressed the allegations made by Haley Stevens. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that viewers will see quite a bit more of Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt together as the season progresses, but these tidbits from his apparent ex-girlfriend might muddy the waters significantly.