Sommer Ray’s Bikini & Burger Video Racks Up Millions Of Views

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Sommer Ray is now an Instagram heavyweight, as the 22-year-old fitness model has 21.1 million followers. Her latest update is proving why.

Sommer updated her account late last night, as the June 22 video showed this sensation doing what she does best, showcasing the star’s signature bikinis, super-fit body, and infectious personality. Sommer had been filmed in an outdoor setting — loungers, parasols, and what appeared to be a container of ice tea suggested a resort setting.

Sommer appeared in the foreground. She was dancing around to background music with her trademark goofy vibes – fans are likely noticing the tiny bikini, though. Ray had opted for a racy leopard-print two-piece. The bandeau upper wasn’t sending out much cleavage, but the lower was more than making up for it. The thonged briefs were throwing Instagram Sommer’s super-peachy and muscular rear – fans were even treated to a little booty shaking.

While some Instagram models will choose Louis Vuitton bags as their accessories, Sommer goes for simpler approaches. Her right hand held a juicy burger – Sommer was seen munching on the snack as she bopped along to the music. The model threw out her trademark moves, epic body, and much-adored smile.

The video had racked up over 2.9 million views within 13 hours of going live.

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summer moooooood

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Fans took to the comments section by the masses.

“I love you more than life it’s [sic] self,” one fan wrote.

Others seem to have picked up on Ray’s caption – she had mentioned the season, but fans noticed similarities between the year’s warm months and Ray’s own name.

“Don’t you mean Sommer mood,” one user wrote.

Their comment proved one of the most popular.

As subscribers to this model’s account will know, Sommer comes as a breath of fresh air. Her bikini-ready body and fit frame rake in the engagement, but Sommer is loved as an all-rounder. Her cheerful, upbeat, and humorous personality frequently manifests via candid videos. While a booty-shaking bikini display isn’t uncommon for Ray, it will usually come with a funny edge.

Sommer didn’t provide a geotag for her most recent update. She is, however, known for taking to sunny destinations with party vibes – previous updates have come from resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Racking up millions of views as an Instagram model is easier said than done. Ray isn’t the only beauty on the platform to dance around in swimwear. For Sommer’s fans though, that little something extra sets her apart from the rest. Fans wishing to see more of Sommer should follow her Instagram.