Tyler Christopher Addresses Speculation Swirling Around Possible 'General Hospital' Return As Nikolas

Ever since the character of Nikolas Cassadine was shot and presumed dead on General Hospital some time back, spoilers have suggested that he might turn up alive again. Actor Tyler Christopher departed the soap after stalled contract negotiations, but he's generated speculation about a return numerous times since then. That happened again with a recent tweet, but now he's detailing where things actually stand with a potential new GH stint.

The Inquisitr recently shared that Tyler got General Hospital fans buzzing when he teased via Twitter that Nikolas had been stumbled upon in Port Charles. This immediately got fans talking and hoping that Christopher was hinting that he was ready to head back to the show.

In a new interview with Soap Opera News, Tyler was asked about the possibility of returning to General Hospital.

"I'm open to it. But there haven't been any talks about a return."
That syncs with what Christopher detailed a few months ago. The Inquisitr shared at the time that Tyler had been quite open in an interview about the personal struggles he went through that led to his exit from Days of our Lives.

Tyler said that being distanced from his children while doing DOOL -- the gig he moved on to do after General Hospital -- was a big part of the problem. That distance led to depression and fatigue, which then prompted a relapse with alcohol addiction.

These days, Christopher is tackling new projects and pushing himself in new directions. Despite sinking his teeth into some challenging endeavors away from Los Angeles, Tyler said at that point that he remained open to a General Hospital return.
"If the timing is right and they want to bring that character back to life, then obviously, we can talk and see where I'm at with my new ventures and in my life. If everything works out, I can move my family back to Los Angeles."
For now, General Hospital fans will have to hang tight on the idea of Nikolas coming back from the dead. The character's name and story are brought up frequently enough that viewers are almost always speculating that this core Cassadine character could pop up again, and it probably wouldn't be tough for the writers to engineer in terms of storyline.

Alas, it seems that this storyline is still in a speculative stage. The good news is that Tyler Christopher seems quite open to the idea of returning to General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine. Whether it'll ever happen or not remains a mystery for the moment.