Madonna Thinks The Whole Purpose Of Instagram Is To Make You Feel Bad

John Lamparski Getty Images

The social media Instagram app has been reigning above all other social media platforms for years now. It is pulling in a vast amount of revenue and serves as a way for celebrities and influencers to connect with their audience base in an easier and more natural way, whether it be through likes, comments, or even direct messages.

While before celebrities seemed almost untouchable or un-relatable, fans now get to see the more personal and unfiltered aspects of their lives through features like Instagram Stories. Nevertheless, the app isn’t without its own setbacks, as Madonna shared recently, according to Fox News.

Madonnna isn’t a fan of Instagram, or social media in general. She does have her own account, which boasts a whopping 13.9 million followers. However, she doesn’t let the platform control her life. What exactly is her issue with Instagram? She feels like it leads women to compare themselves to one another, thus lowering their own self esteem.

In addition to saying the app is designed to “make you feel bad,” Madonna explained the insecurities that the platform may bring out in not only the youth, but people of all ages. The star has no interest in trying to fit the mold of what a woman is supposed to look like or to try to compete with others online.

“You get caught up in comparing yourself to other people. ‘Should I be like that, act like that, look like that?’ ‘Will that make me more popular, or more successful?’ People are a slave to winning others’ approvals. I refuse to bend a knee to convention and what society expects of me as a woman.”

Indeed, many people are able to make a living for themselves through Instagram. For example, the Kardashians are known for their sponsored posts which often bring them thousands of dollars for simply taking a few minutes to endorse a product. But it’s not just people at the Kardashian level of fame. It’s average girls that can become Instagram influencers by merely gathering up a substantial online following.

Madonna is now 60-years-old and is glad that she had the chance to grow up in a society in which social media didn’t exist yet.

The time period in which she was born in and the lack of social media allowed her “time to develop as an artist and a human without feeling the pressure of judgment of other people or comparing myself to other people.”