Jennifer Dulos’ Estranged Husband Is Out On Bail And Is Requesting That Police Return His Vehicles

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Jennifer Dulos, a 50-year-old Connecticut mother of five, remains missing. She was last seen on May 24 when she dropped off her kids at school. The primary suspect in the case is her estranged husband, 51-year-old Fotis Dulos. Jennifer and Fotis were going through a nasty divorce and custody dispute at the time of her disappearance and she previously stated in court documents that she feared for her life at his hands. He and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were both arrested earlier this month for allegedly tampering with evidence and failing to cooperate with the case. Now, he’s out on bail and he wants law enforcement to return his belongings, according to The New York Post.

Upon the start of the case and Fotis’ arrest, police took several of his belongings that they planned to search for possible clues. Among these possessions were several vehicles, including his Ford Raptor pickup truck, Chevy Suburban, and Jeep Cherokee. They also took two cell phones, computers, and a hard drive all to be searched as well.

Fotis wants all of these items back now and filed a motion last week requesting that they be returned to him. His reasoning for wanting these items back so bad? He needs them to prepare his defense.

“The defendant needs access to it for practical reasons and in order to mount his defense,” attorney Kevin Smith said.

Fotis might also want these items back as they would be necessary for him to continue conducting business. He owns Fore Group, a real estate company, for which he as returned to work since being released from jail. Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t been making very many sales lately. Because of his connection to the case, people aren’t interested in purchasing the properties he has for sale, according to his lawyer, Norm Pattis.

“People aren’t buying his properties right now, or if they are, they’re offering to purchase them at far lower rates and he’s not interested. So, he’s back at work and trying to keep his business afloat amid tremendous public hostility.”

The prospect of finding Jennifer alive appears to become less and less likely. Following her disappearance, police found her blood on the garage floor, suggesting that she’d been attacked there. In addition, Fotis and his girlfriend were captured on video surveillance the night Jennifer went missing looking pretty suspicious. They drove through the night dropping off various bags in dumpsters. Jennifer’s bloodied garments were later found in these bags.