AEW News: Huge Update On All Elite Wrestling’s TV Show And Night It Will Air Each Week


At the very beginning of 2019, All Elite Wrestling became a reality, and the dream of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks came true. The new wrestling promotion has already made a huge name for itself and had a great first-ever event with Double or Nothing last month. With many other events on the way, it is also a sure thing that AEW will begin its weekly TV show later this year and a huge update has now shed more light on everything.

When AEW announced that they were going to have a weekly TV show, old-school professional wrestling fans wondered if the “Monday Night Wars” were returning. While that would be great and a really fun thing, it appears as if that won’t be happening right away.

Of course, Monday Night Raw airs on Monday evenings and in early October, SmackDown Live will go from Tuesdays to Fridays upon moving to Fox. Last month, Bleacher Report spoke with AEW President Tony Khan about the TV show and wondered if he would compete with WWE’s programming.

“I’m not gonna go on Monday night or Friday night.”

So, if he’s not going on either one of WWE’s nights, when will AEW air their weekly TV show? While the promotion has been rather quiet about things over the course of the last month, we may finally know when to expect a brand new show later this year.

Featured image credit: AEW

All Elite Wrestling is going to air its weekly TV show on TNT later this year, but nothing more is known about the start date other than “fall.” The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of, is reporting that there is a 100 percent chance it will air on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

With SmackDown moving off of Tuesdays in early October, that possibility remains open. Months ago, AEW did trademark the phrase “Tuesday Night Dynamite” which led everyone to believe that would be their night of the week for a TV show.

The Mix is reporting that on June 18, AEW trademarked a similar phrase with “Wednesday Night Dynamite.” So now, there is the possibility that it could air on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings which is exactly what Wrestling Observer stated would happen.

TNT is getting back into professional wrestling as it has been out of it for a year and used to air WCW before WWE ended up buying the company. When All Elite Wrestling begins airing its weekly TV show, it won’t be in direct competition, but that could change in the future.