WWE Rumors: Major Change Happening To ‘Monday Night Raw’ And ‘SmackDown Live’ This Week


The McMahon family knows that there have been problems with ratings over the course of the past year, and they are working on fixing things. As reported by The Inquisitr, WWE has had problems with the new Stomping Grounds pay-per-view as well and it is evident that something has to change. Well, rumor has it that a major change will take place this week at both of the primary TV shows for the promotion.

With ratings seemingly falling week after week, WWE has been looking at ways of making things better. The third hour of Monday Night Raw was to become a bit “grittier” and darker in hopes of having more people tune in when they usually end up fading away.

The brand new WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced and has added a nice bit of excitement and unpredictability to things, but there are still problems. In order to fix what isn’t working, the McMahons and other executives need to find what will be successful and get those put in place.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., one major change is going to begin this week for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. As of Monday, there will be no more wrestling taking place during the commercial breaks of both shows.

Sami Zayn takes down WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.
Featured image credit: WWE

In the past, there were often matches that would continue the action during commercial breaks so as not to bore the live crowd. Over the last year, WWE has actually had picture-in-picture for many ad breaks to have the in-ring action happening side-by-side with the commercials.

This is a big reason that there were a number of “Best 2-Out-Of-3 Fall” Matches this past week on WWE television. When a fall would be over, the commercial break could happen without any type of action being missed by those at home.

It appears as if there is a really big reason for doing this and Post Wrestling reports that WWE wants to be in the same category as other major sports. There is no action that takes place during commercial breaks for the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and other sports, and that means WWE doesn’t want to do it either.

This could end up presenting some problems for WWE as it won’t be easy to come up with ways to have breaks in the action for those at the live TV shows. Fans at home won’t necessarily be bothered by it as they won’t know what they are or aren’t missing, but it could lead to some awkward problems in person.