A Plumbing Crisis Is Averted At George Clooney’s Italian Villa As The Obamas Visit

Erik VoakeGetty Images

When having house guests in your Italian villa, it’s natural that you would tidy up, but when your visitors are former President Barack Obama and his family, you want to make sure that everything is just right.

So when George Clooney discovered that the swimming pool at his Lake Como villa was not in top shape, he called the town plumber with an emergency, says The Daily Beast.

Just before Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, arrived at Casa Clooney, the actor noticed that the pool was only half-full, and it was ice cold. Clooney asked his bodyguard Giovanni to call Dante Pennè, the local Lake Como plumber to come to the rescue.

Pennè explained to Corriere Della Sera newspaper that when he arrived at the Clooney villa, everyone was in a rush, and Pennè had no idea who the guests were.

“What a race. I arrive and they are all upset. Giovanni says to me: ‘hurry up, hurry up!’ Let me work, otherwise I won’t be able to fix it.”

Pennè got to work on the Clooney’s pool and was able to fix the thermometer and drain while the actor, in a sweaty Casmigos T-shirt, watched and was thrilled at the outcome.

Pennè says he was able to get a selfie with Clooney, who thanked him for his quick work, but something perhaps was lost in translation.

“Thank you, I was worried,” Clooney said, according to the plumber. “You know, my friend is a tanned guy, he doesn’t like cold water.”

It wasn’t just George and Amal Clooney getting ready for the Obamas to arrive. Even Mayor Roberto Pozzi of Laglio has preparations in place to ensure the security of the former president and his family while they visit Villa Oleandra, says The Inquisitr.

Mayor Pozzi put plans in place, establishing fines for anyone who gets too close, and warned those in town that extra security is in place.

“The parking lot at the back of Villa Oleandra will be closed for two days, Saturday and Sunday, because it should be available for the security service cars. In the territory and also on the lake, numerous men and law enforcement agencies will be in service.”

Pozzi says it is a great honor that the Obamas are visiting the town. As a result, there is a price that everyone must pay, and that is a temporary inconvenience.