‘Outlander’ Star Sophie Skelton Talks About Brianna Forgiving Jamie

Andrew TothGetty Images

With Droughtlander still in full thrust, fans are eager to get any information about the upcoming season of Outlander and what they can expect for the future of the MacKenzies and the Frasers, particularly for the relationship between Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and her father, Jamie (Sam Heughan).

Parade interviewed Skelton about the upcoming seasons and the development of her character as a 20th-century girl in the pre-Revolution American colonies. Skelton talked about how important it is that Brianna is always aware of where she is and who she is, not letting it slip that she is from another time in an era where you could be called a witch.

“Obviously, she would have to hold herself back a little bit and hold back any modern words. Often, I want to throw in an ‘OK,’ just to remind us that Bree is from a different time, but she has to be careful who she lets that slip in front of.”

Skelton continues, saying that not only is Bree from a different time, but she is still struggling with PTSD from her assault and from all of the other changes in her life and in her family, including having a baby in the 1700s.

And viewers need to remember that Brianna lost the only father she knew, Frank Randall, and then learned about Jamie Fraser. Through Bree’s reunion with Jamie, and then the misunderstanding that leads to the temporary loss of her husband, Roger, her relationship with Jamie has been tested, but does Skelton think that Bree has forgiven Jamie?

Skelton doesn’t believe that Bree truly blames Jamie for the misunderstanding that led to Roger’s peril, but she does blame him for stopping her from getting revenge on Stephen Bonnet. She says there is a line in Diana Gabaldon’s books that explains it best.

“Brianna knows that it was all a misunderstanding, and there’s this one bit in book five that I love, when Bree says to Roger, ‘If it was anyone’s fault, it’s Lizzie’s (Caitlin O’Ryan) and no one blames her,’ and I think it’s true. Lizzie’s the one who made the mistake, but no one blames her. It was a mistake and I think Bree’s very much forgiven Jamie.”

Skelton says that Bree was scared and sad, and Jamie was a convenient person to blame for everything that went wrong, including her separation from her mother, Claire, and her husband, Roger, at a critical time in her late pregnancy.

Outlander should return to Starz in the late fall for the continuation of the story of Jamie and Claire.