‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Didn’t Want To Appear Glam And Perfect During Every Episode Of Her Season

Frazier Harrison Getty Images

So many of the former stars of The Bachelorette have been poised and perfect, every detail of their hair and makeup flawless. Our current bachelorette, Hannah Brown, is certainly beautiful. In fact, she was even crowned Miss Alabama. However, she doesn’t want anyone to think that she looks perfect all the time or is always in full glam mode. This includes viewers watching at home and the men pursuing her heart, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

During this season, fans will indeed see Brown in extravagant gowns and professionally applied makeup. However, they are also going to see her in sweatpants and a baggy tee-shirt, her hair in a ponytail and not a stitch of makeup on her face. This is how Brown reportedly wanted it from the beginning. She wanted the men on her season to be able to see how she really looks, even in her most raw and unfiltered form, pimples and all.

“Even though my acne was under control while we filmed my season, it was important for me to not always look glam in front of the guys. I didn’t want to hide any part of myself from the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I wanted them to see what they were getting.”

Brown’s self-confidence has come in waves throughout the years. There have been times she has felt on top of the world, and there have been times when her self-esteem is low and she’s compared herself to those around her. The fact is, struggles with severe adult acne have taken a toll on her confidence in the past.

Right before she headed into Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Brown had started taking the drug Accutane to help get her cystic acne under control. Typically, the controversial drug helps eliminate acne altogether. However, the patient’s skin is known to break out more before it gets better, as impurities are removed from beneath the skin. She even warned the show’s production of this being a possibility, worried that they might not want someone with troublesome skin to come on the series at all.

“I told casting, ‘You might not want me on your show because I have acne, I’m on Accutane, and my skin might get worse before it gets better.'”

Nevertheless, production did want her on the show. She was later welcomed back for her own season of The Bachelorette after Underwood sent her home.