Blac Chyna’s Former Friend Claims That The Kardashians Once Sent Her A ‘Frenemy’ Cake

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

It’s no secret that Blac Chyna isn’t on the best of terms with the Kardashian family, but a former friend of the ex-stripper recently revealed an interesting detail about their rift. According to Chyna’s former associate, Andre Xcellence, the Kardashians once sent her a “Frenemy” cake. Xcellence was airing his own grievances to Page Six about Dream Kardashian’s mom when he mentioned this tidbit about the breakdown of the relationship with her former would-be inlaws.

“I was there the day that the Kardashians sent her a ‘frenemy’ cake to her house,” he said. “She was so ­upset and talking about how mean they were to her and I believed it. I believed her and all of her nonsense.”

During the interview, Xcellence also claimed that Chyna had been “blacklisted” by the reality TV star family and planned to release music with him to keep her career in the spotlight going. But he alleges that Chyna backed out of their business arrangement prematurely.

Xcellence went on to add that they made a song together called “What Would Yo Momma Say” and were planning to record a video which never happened.

“She came up with the treatment and idea. She wrote herself into the concept. I went ahead and found investors and I spent $35,000, “She showed up for rehearsal but never came to the shoot. It was supposed to be a big breakout moment with her and we would’ve been doing LA Pride and then she backed out. She disappeared and told me months later she’s not doing music right now.”

As Capital Xtra reports, Blac Chyna did release a rap single in 2018 called “Deserve” but it got mixed reviews on social media. Even though the song featured guest appearances by Yo Gotti and Jeremih, some commenters said that they could not take it seriously. Others said that it wasn’t the worst thing they’d ever heard but suggested that Chyna hire a ghostwriter to tighten up her bars.

Last year, there were also claims that Chyna planned to release an album that would feature hip hop artists like Tory Lanez and Swae Lee. But it doesn’t look like Chyna has shared any recent updates about her rap career with her fanbase.

Xcellence told Page Six that he has another song that references Chyna and her fraught relationship with The Kardashians. But he claims she has “begged” him not to release the video because she fears it will deepen her rift with them even further.

But Chyna recently showed that she wasn’t afraid to call out her co-parent’s relatives for behavior that she calls hypocritical. She recently blasted them on Instagram for filming Dream’s birthday for KUWTK after Rob declared that he would not consent to his daughter being a part of Chyna’s upcoming reality show.