Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Melissa Rycroft Recovers After Illness Following Dominican Republic Trip

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Former Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft recently took a family trip to the Dominican Republic. While she was there, she began to have an upset stomach, but the sickness seemed to pass. By the time she got home, she was suffering from severe cramping that lasted for over a week. Doctors were having a hard time deciphering what was causing the illness and determining whether or not it was something she picked up while abroad. They were even prepared to do a parasite test if she didn’t begin to feel better soon. Thankfully, she is now feeling back to normal, according to People.

Fans of Rycroft began to get worried when she shared an Instagram post last Friday saying she still wasn’t feeling any better and was only able to keep liquids down. She was pictured sitting on an exam table in a doctor’s office and looking tired and weak.

“After a really rough week, I have been put on a liquid diet, and given meds for my severe cramping. Fingers crossed this goes away in 3 days – doc says next step is a Parasite test if it doesn’t,” she wrote.

Just yesterday, Rycroft took to Instagram once again to assure fans that she was going to pull through and was finally feeling better.

“Wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers lately!” the mom of three, 36, wrote. “I am happy to say that I am back to normal (well, as normal as I can be!) and feeling good!! I truly appreciate all the love you all sent.”

Normally an upset stomach isn’t something to be too concerned about and tends to pass fairly quickly. Worst case scenario, you may have to visit the doctor or stay overnight in the hospital to get fluids through an IV. However, Rycroft’s situation was particularly serious and raised a lot of concern. This is because of her recent trip to the Dominican Republic and the fact that nine American tourists have died of mysterious illnesses when visiting the Caribbean country since last summer. Many more got sick but were able to recover.

The FBI and the CDC are continuing to investigate the deaths. Because several of these tourists were displaying symptoms very similar to Rycroft’s prior to their deaths, her illness made national headlines. Fans were worried that she could be the next person to perish because of the strange illness. Until this issue is resolved, far fewer American tourists are expected to visit the country.