Taraji P. Henson Showcases Legs In Mini Dress

Theo WargoGetty Images

Taraji P. Henson isn’t the kind of celebrity who is afraid to use her platform to speak out for the things she believes in. She’s always making her voice heard in regards to issues she’s passionate about. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t take to her Instagram with some lighter content when she’s feeling herself — as she did recently.

She apparently got all dolled up and decided she looked too amazing not to document it, so that’s exactly what she did. She shared a series of five photos with her followers that showcased a particular look, and she is an absolute glowing goddess.

In the photos, Henson is wearing a bronze mini dress with a drapey, glittery fabric that seems like it was taken straight out of Studio 54. The length shows off her toned legs to perfection, and she’s paired it with some thin metallic strappy sandals that make her legs look a mile long. Henson, who has rocked a lot of different hair styles over the years, opted to wear her hair relatively natural for his particular look — and it’s stunning. She finished the outfit with a gorgeous clutch, some bracelets, and a pair of hoop earrings. Fans absolutely loved her confidence, and even a few celebrities complimented her, including Yara Shahidi, Meagan Good, Niecy Nash, and Ellen Pompeo.

Henson hasn’t had the typical journey to the A-List. While many celebrities end up arriving in Hollywood at 18 and almost immediately landing major roles, Henson had to battle her way to the top. She spent quite some time as a struggling actress and single mom trying to get her big break before eventually becoming the A-List superstar she is today. Thanks in particular to her role as Cookie in Empire, fans around the world know exactly who she is.

In an interview with Bust, she shared her thoughts about her later than usual start in Hollywood.

“I didn’t go to L.A. with stars in my eyes. I wasn’t chasing fairy dust. I was chasing a clear goal. I was 26 and I had people tell me ‘you’ll never make it, you’re too old. If you don’t hit by 25, it’s a wrap.’ Man look, I’m 48 and the phone cannot stop ringing.”

She’s also passionate about equal pay in Hollywood, and now that she’s a big enough star that she has the ability to truly negotiate, she always does.

“When I don’t have to fight so hard for my money, I’ll know things are changing. I see woman working more, but where is my money? And I mean off the bat, not the back end… if I don’t fight for me and my kind, who will? I believe in women.”