Fitness Model Jen Selter Shows Off Curves In Thong Bikini

David BeckerGetty Images

While her whole physique is toned and fit, Jen Selter is best known for one particular asset — her booty. Her toned glutes are one of the main reasons she began to amass her audience of millions of followers, and she’s open and honest about the fact that she managed to build up her enviable backside by putting in hard work at the gym. She even shares workout videos with her fans so they can try to sculpt their own curves just like she did.

She didn’t put in all that hard work in the gym for nothing, and loves to show off her curves to her 12.8 million followers on Instagram. Recently, she shared a set of three shots with her followers where she’s wearing a revealing gingham-and-lace bikini, and asked them to rank which photo they liked best.

In the first shot, she’s looking over her shoulder with a more serious facial expression. Her booty is on full display, but most of her other curves are hidden. In the second shot, she’s facing the camera and showing her toned stomach, and showcasing her other assets in a scandalous top that doesn’t cover much. In the third shot, she’s flaunting her booty and covering up the rest of her curves, but rather than the serious look, she’s giving the camera a big smile.

Fans weighed in on their preferences, but there were many who simply couldn’t decide. One commented “all are gorgeous” while another said “you’re perfection Jen.”

In an interview with Elle way back in 2013, Selter discussed her fame and the fact that no one really knew who she was as a person, apart from the “belfies” (butt selfies).

“I’m mysterious. Nobody knows my personality. It’s interesting to me how I build a following of fangirls and fanboys who like me, when they don’t really know me. I’m one of the friendliest, nicest, people out there. I think I would gain another million if people really knew who I was.”

Selter has been able to showcase her personality a bit more as her platform increases, so hopefully, she feels her fans have a better understanding of who she is now.

Selter has always managed to keep a positive attitude, despite the haters and the fact that many accuse her of buying her generous curves rather than earning them in the gym. To that, she commented coyly to Elle, “it’s all about the angles.”