Sarah Hyland Showcases Toned Body As She Dances While Hooked To Machines During Hospital Stay

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Sarah Hyland took to social media this week to share a sweet video in honor of her friend’s birthday. According to The Daily Mail, Hyland shared a silly and sweet clip of herself dancing while in the hospital to celebrate her pal’s special day.

In the video, the Modern Family star is seen wearing a skimpy tan crop top, which flaunts her toned tummy and ample cleavage. She also wears a pair of black leggings and has her brown hair styled in a shoulder length naturally curly look.

Sarah accessorizes with some large eyeglasses, but it is the setting of the video that had fans talking. Hyland is seen in a hospital room as she’s attached to multiple machines such as a blood pressure cuff, and IV, and heart monitors.

Sarah wiggles her hips and moves her arms up and down in the video as she smiles for the camera.

Meanwhile, Hyland didn’t reveal why she was in the hospital, but her fans know that it is a place that she often resides due to an array of health issues. Her most prominent health issue includes kidney problems, which she has suffered from since childhood, even causing her to have two major surgeries.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah Hyland has undergone two kidney transplants in her young life. The actress suffers from kidney dyspepsia, and received her first kidney from her father.

Sadly, that transplant didn’t last, and seven years later she was forced to have a second surgery, this time getting a kidney from her brother.

The actress previously revealed that the dark time in her life made her contemplate suicide, as she felt like a burden on her family members.

“When a family member gives you a second chance at life and it fails, it feels like your fault, and it’s not. I had gone through 26 years of always being a burden, of always having to be looked after, having to be cared for because I’ve always had health issues. And it’s a really helpless feeling. Things like this can be really hard on a person,” Hyland revealed during an interview with Self Magazine.

Following her second transplant, Sarah was forced to go under the knife again to treat her endometriosis and repair a hernia, meaning she’s no stranger to staying in the hospital, or being poked and examined by doctors and nurses.

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