Buckingham Palace Kitchen Infestation Of Rats & Mice Horrifies The Queen

Steve FinnGetty Images

Queen Elizabeth is said to be horrified by the infestation of rats and mice in the Buckingham Palace kitchen, as workers were forced to call in exterminators to try to eradicate the vermin which are becoming increasingly resistant to the common poisons.

The Daily Mail says that workers have seen small brown mice in the corridors around the kitchen, and specialists have been called in to lay down poison, but they have admitted there is not much more which can be done to combat the problem. A source told the paper that seeing the small mice have become a regular occurrence.

“Staff in the lower quarters especially have become quite used to seeing little brown mice tearing along the ­corridors. There isn’t a huge amount that can be done.”

And it’s not just Buckingham Palace with the vermin problem, but also many other London buildings of the same age, with city exterminators worrying that the rats and mice are now resistant. Earlier this year, residents of Eaton Square (a mile away from the palace) complained about a rat invasion as a result of nearby construction work.

The main residence at Buckingham Palace, belonging to the queen, dates back to 1703, and so it’s not surprising that there is an established pest colony.

The Mirror says that rats and mice are a growing problem in London in the older buildings, and in Buckingham Palace, rats have been spotted outside of the kitchens, according to an inside source.

“Rats have been spotted around the outside of the kitchen areas which clearly isn’t ideal. There isn’t a huge amount that can be done. But council pest control did come in to put down poison and examine the vermin problem.”

Staff is being instructed to shut all of the cupboard doors and sweep away all food and crumbs to stop the problem from spreading any further.

But despite what is being considered a dire problem, The Indy 100 says that some are finding humor in the matter, saying that the jokes just write themselves. In response to the queen reportedly being “horrified” by the invasion of vermin, one Twitter user wrote “What a way to talk about her own family.”

Others thought it was a good time to talk about Brexit by saying that “Brexit poverty right around de corner.” Others suggested that they shouldn’t worry, because it’s only PM candidate Boris Johnson who is looking for a new place to live after a row with his current girlfriend.