Scott Gottlieb Says Juul Products Might Not Ever Be FDA Approved

Scott Olson Getty Images

When the vaping device Juul first came out, there was a lot of hype surrounding the sleek and subtle e-cigarette. It was marketed as a safer, healthier alternative to actual cigarette smoking. Before long we were hearing stories about longtime adult smokers who were able to quit the habit finally through the help of this product. However, the multi flavored pods and USB charging mechanism were appealing to younger consumers. Now there are young people getting hooked on nicotine unnecessarily, not to mention that there’s still not a lot of information about what exactly is in this product, according to CNBC.

Scott Gottlieb is the former chief of the Food and Drug Administration. While in the position, he really pushed to remove these products from the shelves altogether. His reasoning was that while Juul could have technically benefited the health of some adult smokers, the risk to the younger generation addicted to these products simply outweighed any potential benefits they could offer. Even though he’s no longer the chief of the FDA, he still thinks that the government agency isn’t likely to stop going after Juul anytime soon.

The Food and Drug Administration proposed a 10-month deadline for e-cigarette makers, including Juul, to submit applications for approval from the government. In a recent interview, Gottlieb explained just why he doesn’t expect Juul to ever get approved.

“Juul is in a hard spot to ever get their product approved. They have so much historical youth use with their product. I don’t know how Juul gets through an application process.”

In addition, Juul is reportedly still in the process of making their product less appealing or available to the youth market. Now with this deadline, they might not finish that in time.

One option Juul has considered is removing all the flavored pods from the market that kids seem to love so much. A few of these include mango, fruit medley, and cool mint. They would hold on to tobacco, an option that is less sweet and appealing to the younger generation.

In the meantime, the company is still trying to prove to the nation that their products offer more benefits to health than negatives.

Juul spokesman Ted Kwong released the following statement.

“Taken together with our industry-leading action on youth prevention and hopefully category-wide actions from FDA in the near future, we are confident adult smokers will not be left without a viable alternative to combustible cigarettes, the leading cause of preventable death.”