Miami Curfew Aims To Keep Kids Off Streets

A Miami curfew is being enforced by authorities in an effort to keep youth off of the streets.

On Wednesday, Miami police began stringently enforcing a Juvenile Curfew Ordinance that affects anyone under the age of seventeen. Police have cited general safety concerns as the reason the curfew is being put into effect.

According to NBC News, the Miami curfew makes it illegal for kids under 17 years old to “linger, stay, congregate, move about, wander, or stroll in any public place in Miami-Dade County, either on foot or in a vehicle during curfew hours.”

The curfew will be enforced Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. Friday and Saturday curfew hours will run from midnight until 6:00 am.

According to Miami police, the curfew will not apply to children under 17 who are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or individual over the age of 21 with permission to be responsible for the child.

There are reportedly several additional exceptions that allow for travel relating to employment, school, religious, or civic reasons.

Other exemptions range from certain emergency situations to exercising First Amendment rights.

Watch below to hear what local residents think about the curfew being enforced:

The Miami Herald reports that the curfew ordinance has been used before in recent years, typically when kids are out of school. Willie Moreno, a spokesperson for the Miami police department, elaborated:

“It’s normally done when kids are out of school, and we’ve done it before … usually during the summer months. That’s when kids tend to stay out later and later.”

Would you support an ordinance like the Miami curfew in your city?