Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Kim Puts The Moves On Drew With Babies On Her Mind

Craig SjodinABC Press

Kim and Drew just got back from scattering their son’s ashes over Mt. Kilimanjaro. They are back in Port Charles, but as seen this past week on General Hospital, Kim is having a really hard time being in the apartment alone without Oscar. She is feeling lonely and wondering what her purpose in life is now. She spent the past 16 years being a mother and now she no longer has that job. She wants to feel that joy again and she has a plan to get what she desires the most.

Kim’s quest to have a baby failed with Julian after she approached him about starting a family together. He would have gone along with it if the timing was right. He told Kim that it is way too soon and that she needs to deal with her grief before they have any future children. This hasn’t deterred her. She will simply form a new plan with someone else. Now Kim has set her sights on Drew. According to spoilers by Soap Central, Drew is about to be caught off guard by what is about to happen.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Kim has made up her mind. She is determined to make a baby. The new issue of Soap Opera Digest explains exactly what will happen. What it doesn’t detail is what kind of reaction Drew will have when the ex that he has no past memories of starts romancing him. She is expected to plant a kiss on Drew hoping that the evening will turn into something more between them.

Kim’s goal is to make a baby, but she does still have feelings for her ex. They have a past together, which ended up creating their son. Now she wants history to repeat itself. She feels that the only solution to their grief over their son is to have another child together that would essentially be Oscar’s brother or sister.

Unfortunately, a misunderstanding is expected to create a little friction between them. According to the magazine, Kim will assume that Drew wants the exact same thing as she does and proceeds to spice things up a bit starting with the kiss. He may realize what is happening, especially if she mentions a baby. Will Drew put a stop to it as Julian did?

It’s likely that he does as spoilers tease that Shiloh will be summoned to Kim’s place later in the week. That doesn’t sound good. Kim may be getting herself into quite a predicament if she’s not careful. It would be like Shiloh to take advantage of her at the lowest point in her life.

How far will Kim go to have another child? Stay tuned in to General Hospital this week to see if Drew complies with the situation he is put in.