Viral Picture Of Neighborhood Tagged In Graffiti Has People Thinking The Crips Are Taking Calligraphy Lessons

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

If the notorious Los Angeles street gang the Crips are known for anything, it’s beautiful handwriting?

The internet is having a field day with a picture of a Georgia neighborhood tagged with graffiti claiming to have been done by the now-national street gang, but written in a very non-intimidating cursive font. The pictures were first shared on Twitter by television anchor Javita Moore, who posted a picture of a garage and car hit with white spray paint claiming to have been from the Crips.

The pictures went viral almost immediately, with many in the twitterverse wondering who might actually be behind the beautifully drawn tagging. Some thought that the gang members might be taking lessons in calligraphy.

“These same Crips beat me up last night! 2 men in powdered wigs and long, velvet coats!” one person wrote on Twitter, joking that the gang members “stabbed me with their calligraphy pens!”

There were plenty who saw the humor what was likely the neighborhood kids trying to appropriate the name of the tough street gang.

“I don’t support vandalism but if The Crips have evolved into cursive writing with exclamation points!! I’m supporting that,” former NBA star Baron Davis wrote on Twitter.

While the Crips gang was founded in Los Angeles over 50 years ago, it has spread across the country with a number of loosely affiliated branches popping up across a number of American cities. It’s not clear if they actually spread to the neighborhood in Georgia where the tagging took place, but most seem to think that the ornate nature of the writing didn’t exactly fit the gang’s M.O.

While the fake crips may be tagging cars and garages in a Georgia neighborhood, the real members of the gang have been flexing their business skills. After the death of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle, the gang actually filed for a trademark for the rapper’s slogan, “The Marathon Continues.”

As XXL reported, the filing appeared to be part of business development plans for the gang. The trademark filing was actually confirmed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and shows plans to use the slogan for a number of uses that include gang intervention and prevention.

Nipsey Hussle had used the phrase for his clothing line, but never actually secured a trademark for it, The Blast reported. It appeared that the Crips were looking to take up the work of the neighborhood legend after his death earlier this year.