Dwayne Johnson Flaunts Chiseled Physique In ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Teaser On Instagram

Jesse GrantGetty Images

As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 147 million Instagram followers know, the actor has been especially active on social media this past week sharing 29 different posts featuring a combination of photos and video clips.

Just 24 hours ago, Johnson shared a video clip teaser of his upcoming film, Hobbs & Shaw. The short clip featured the actor rocking his sweaty ripped physique as he announced it was time to “get old school.”

The video sent Fast & Furious fans into a frenzy as they have pressed the play bottom over 7.2 million times since it was uploaded to his profile just yesterday. Over 8,000 of Johnson’s fans have also taken the time to stop by and leave a comment on the fun teaser clip as well.

Unfortunately for Johnson, the video was met with mixed feedback, despite gaining a lot of attention. Many of the top comments took issue with the lack of cars in the previews. Some questioned whether the movie would even have anything to do with racing.

There were also a few fans who jested that they hoped Johnson wouldn’t be too offended if the only reason they watched the latest addition to the Fast & Furious franchise because they wanted to see the shirtless scenes of Dwayne.

A few hours ago, Johnson shared a teaser video clip featuring his co-star, Vanessa Kirby. In the caption, the actor teased that he didn’t believe she needed anyone to look after her because she “gets s*** done.” The video clip has already accumulated just shy of 1 million views in just three hours.

In addition to promoting his upcoming film, Johnson has also kept his followers updated on his latest business ventures. Just yesterday, he announced heading out to meet with potential venture partners for the tequila brand he was currently working on.

Just a few hours ago, the actor also shared a sizzling snapshot of himself rocking his ripped arms in a small black tank top as he announced he would be dropping some new workout gear into the market this week.

Johnson also shared a video of himself rocking the new shoes he is bringing to market this week, as he tested them out while working on his chiseled legs.

Johnson continues to ramp up his followers with the upcoming release of Hobbs & Shaw. Unfortunately, fans of the Fast & Furious franchise still have a little while to wait, as the movie’s theatrical release is slated for August 2.