‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow May Be Forced To Choose Between Court Or Her Job

Craig SjodinABC Press

Willow Tait is in quite a predicament on ABC’s General Hospital. Friday’s episode had her at the school surrounded by parents wanting her attention, while Diane Miller was waiting at the courthouse for the school teacher to show up. One of those parents just so happens to be Nina Reeves, who just loves to pick Willow apart every chance she gets.

Now Willow is faced with anxious parents on what is the last day of school for the kids, as well as her last day ever teaching at the school. She was unexpectedly fired from her job not too long ago. Nina most likely had something to do with it, but it appears that something may just change on Monday. A new General Hospital preview that is now up on ABC reveals a couple of tidbits that indicates that Willow may just get her job back.

Ms. Tait is anxious to get herself out of the school to head to court to face Shiloh. She will do anything to keep him from getting to Wiley. But will she lose the chance to get her job back? Also among the parents are Lulu, Liz, and Franco. All three of them were doing all they could to keep Willow from leaving on Friday’s show. In the preview clip for Monday, they tell her that they have one more thing for her and that it will be worth it. It looks like it’s something good by the way they are acting.

That’s when the principal walks in and tells her that they need to talk. He wants to talk to her about her future at the school. All clues lead to her job being offered back to Willow for the following year. Unfortunately, Diane is trying to call her at the exact same time. Will she choose to leave the classroom right then and jeopardize her job? Or will she ignore Diane’s phone call and risk Wiley’s safety? Either way, Willow runs the risk of losing something that she loves dearly.

It’s obvious that Liz, Franco, and Lulu worked their magic to try to keep Ms. Tait sticking around for another year. Of course, Nina certainly won’t like it at all. She will once again run her mouth to talk down to Willow asking her if there is somewhere better that she needs to be. General Hospital fans are hoping that she explains that she has a court date and rushes out before it’s too late.

Keep tuned in to General Hospital on Monday to see how Willow will handle this tough situation she finds herself in.