Sara Underwood Flaunts Curves In Tiny Daisy Dukes And Crop Top

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Sara Underwood has been hard at work lately promoting the online retailer Fashion Nova. She’s a “NovaBabe,” the term given to influencers who work with the retailer, and has been showcasing her toned physique in quite a few outfits.

In her latest look, she’s wearing a unique crop top in an off-the-shoulder style that is basically the size of a bikini, but has the addition of sleeves to mix it up. The top reveals her toned stomach and a fair bit of cleavage. While some may have paired such a revealing top with a more conservative pair of pants, Underwood decided to go all the way and rock it with some tiny high-waisted yellow Daisy Dukes. Accessories are key to any outfit, so she finished it with a straw hat.

While the look may not work for some people, for Underwood it totally makes sense. It seems like the perfect thing to wear while rambling about in the mountains, one of Underwood’s favorite activities.

As is customary for her, she took the picture in front of an absolutely stunning background. She’s ventured a bit further away from her typical forest background and is instead standing somewhere you can see mountain grass and rock formations.

Over the years, Underwood has certainly carved out a niche for herself in the industry. When she first started, she was yet another model in the pages of Playboy. Sure, she was stunning, but she wasn’t too easily identifiable. Now, she’s created a whole brand for herself.

Yes, she’s still a blond bombshell who looks incredible in any kind of skimpy attire. However, she’s also a devoted vegan, someone who loves the outdoors, and she’s cultivated an entire fan base around her passions. Obviously, there are still many followers who just tune in to see shots of her in bikinis, but there are others who truly love all the cabin building and outdoor shots.

Plus, having a more identifiable brand likely helps with sponsorships and other opportunities in the long term. A brand can easily hire any model to put in an ad. If a brand that’s focused on the outdoors or veganism is looking for a stunning blonde to showcase in a campaign, though, there’s one that just might come to mind immediately.

There is no other “NovaBabe” who is posting stunning mountain landscapes like Underwood is. She’s definitely one of a kind, and her followers continue to eagerly await each new photo she shares.