George Conway Says Latest Rape Allegation Against Trump Is More Credible Than The One Aimed At Bill Clinton

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George Conway, despite being the husband of one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, Kellyanne Conway, has also been one of Trump’s most outspoken conservative critics. On Saturday, the 55-year-old Conway authored an op-ed article in which he says that Republicans should believe the latest rape allegation against Trump. As Inquisitr reported, acclaimed writer E. Jean Carroll on Friday published a book excerpt in which she describes being violently assaulted and raped by Trump in the mid-1990s.

But Conway says in his Washington Post op-ed that Carroll’s allegation is “at least as compelling” as the rape allegation brought against Bill Clinton by Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer on Clinton’s 1978 campaign for Arkansas governor.

Prior to the second presidential debate of the 2016 presidential campaign between Trump and President Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump held a press conference accompanied by Broaddrick and three other women, in which Broaddrick reiterated her allegation of rape against Clinton, as The Washington Post reported.

“Trump called Broaddrick ‘courageous,'” Conway wrote on Saturday. “And if Broaddrick was courageous, then certainly Carroll is as well.”

Conway added that Carroll’s allegation of rape against Trump, “rests upon a significantly stronger foundation” than Broaddrick’s — in particular because before making her allegation in public in a 1999 television interview (viewable online via the conservative Media Research Center), Broaddrick “repeatedly denied that Clinton had assaulted her, even under oath,” Conway wrote.

Juanita Broaddrick listens.
Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978.Featured image credit: Scott OlsonGetty Images

Carroll’s allegation of rape against Trump, Conway says, is supported by the numerous previous allegations of sexual assault, harassment and other misconduct against Trump — allegations made by, according to a Business Insider count, 23 separate women.

Conway also notes that in his denial of Carroll’s allegation, as Inquisitr reported, Trump included what Conway called an “utterly brazen, easily disprovable Trumpian lie.”

Trump claimed that he has “never met” Carroll, even though the New York Magazine book excerpt in which Carroll made her graphically detailed accusation included a photo of Trump speaking with Carroll and her then-husband John Johnson in 1987.

On the right of that photo is Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump. As Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffries pointed out in her Twitter account, Ivana Trump’s presence means that “both women in this photo have accused Donald Trump of rape.”

Ivana Trump made her allegation that Donald Trump attacked and raped her in a sworn, but confidential, court deposition in 1989, according to Newsweek. Her allegation was reported publicly in 1993, in the book Lost Tycoon by Newsweek writer Harry Hurt III.

“Republicans or conservatives who promoted Broaddrick’s charges would be hypocritical if they fail to champion Carroll and condemn Trump,” Conway writes in his Post op-ed.