Ariana Grande Doppelganger, Jami Alix, Spills Style Secrets In Instagram Video

Jason KempinGetty Images

Fashion blogger and style guru Jami Alix is known for regularly causing Instagram users to do a double take because of her uncanny resemblance to singing sensation Ariana Grande.

From her petite frame to her facial features, the L.A. fashionista has been labeled as Grande’s doppelganger since she was in high school.

Less then 24 hours ago, Alix took to her Instagram profile to share a style session with her followers using her latest glam bag from Ipsy.

The video revealed Jami using five different products to enhance her Ariana-like style. First, Alix applied a Hydrating and Brightening coconut gel sheet mask to her face. Then, she applied eye shadow, followed by a bronzer.

She completed her glam session with gorgeous deep blue nail polish and Gardenia hand cream.

The celebrity doppelganger started the video by panning across all of the products sitting on a table before showcasing them one at a time, as she applied each of them to her hands and face. The only exception was the vibrant blue nail polish that Jami applied before making the video.

Her followers quickly showered the video with nearly 3,000 likes, as many gushed about how great nearly anything looked on the young blogger. A few of her followers noted how fierce her nails looked, as well as how much they enjoyed the video.

As those who follow Jami on Instagram know, the fashion guru is known for being especially active. In the past week, Alix has taken to Instagram 30 different times, posting both videos and photos of herself rocking her Ariana Grande features from all angles in an assortment of different outfits.

In addition to flaunting her body and her clothing, Jami also frequently takes to her profile to showcase the beauty and cosmetic products she enjoys using. Just four days ago, Alix posted a snapshot containing a collection of skin care products scattered on a white table.

Yesterday, Jami turned the heat up a few degrees for her followers as she rocked an open long-sleeved blue ruffled top that was one wind gust away from a wardrobe malfunction. Alix paired the top with a matching short blue skirt to show off her toned legs.

In the caption, Jami asked her followers to caption the photo.

“Trying to act cool when your crush is around be like,” one user penned in the comments.

“How I stand when i wait for my deodorant to dry,” a second quipped.

As to be expected with most of Alix’s photos, there were a few who couldn’t help calling attention to how she resembles Ariana, including one user who just plainly asked if she knew she looked exactly like the young singer.