The ‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Companion Book Offers A Sneak Peek Into Making The Film

Darren McCollesterGetty Images

It’s not just the Downton Abbey movie that is in the works, but also a companion book which will offer a behind the scenes look at production, the cast and locations.

Town & Country says that the book will be titled Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion, and it can now be preordered for release on September 17 in hardback and e-book, published by St. Martin’s Press. The forward for the book will be written by Downton creator Julian Fellowes, and within the pages, there will be interviews with the cast and crew, and illustrations of the amazing costumes.

Michael Flamini, the executive editor of St. Martin’s Press says that the book is a must-have for Downton Abbey fans who are excited about the long-awaited film.

“As an unabashed Downton Abbey fan, I’m thrilled that St. Martin’s Press, in partnership with Headline, Carnival Films and Focus Features, is the publisher opening the doors of that great house to everyone in North America once again. It’s been far too long without the Crawley family, their friends and servants. Three cheers for them and this sumptuous book!”

Gareth Neame, executive producer of the television series and the movie, says that the book will extend the experience for the viewer and will provide a memento and inside glimpse to the Downton experience.

Entertainment Weekly says that the Downton Abbey companion book will also contain some juicy secrets and historical and geographical background information by author Emma Marriott.

The premise of the movie is that the staff and residents of the great house must prepare for a royal visit from King George and Queen Mary (Queen Elizabeth’s grandparents) in 1927, sparking nearly the full cast of the television series to come together and make sure everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion!

The Inquisitr says that the movie plot explains why Carson will come out of retirement to work with Lady Mary and Tom Branson to make sure the estate is up to snuff to impress the royals as patriarch Robert Crawley takes a step back in his duties to Downton.

As money is tighter in Yorkshire, the family has reduced their staff, says actor Hugh Bonneville who plays Lord Grantham, Robert Crawley.

“No maid, no nanny, no valet. It’s 1927, and we are modern folk.”

Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson, is fresh off his role in Bohemian Rhapsody and says that fans will be thrilled at the show’s adaptation to the big screen, as he says that Fellowes has created an “big, epic story” to tie the loose ends together.